Owner Use of Available Weeks

At the May 20,2020 board meeting as motion was passed to formally adopt the following policy:

In the event an owner cannot use the week that belongs to the owner they forfeit the use of that week for that year.

The owner may choose to come another week at any time, during the year they forfeit, based on availability, at a reduced rental to be no less than the minimum nightly rate. As rental rates vary throughout the year so will the reduced rate.

The availability and reduced rental rate amount will be at the sole discretion of the management company.

Security deposits

At the August, 2020 board meeting a motion was passed to formally adopt the following policy:

All guests (non-owners) will be required to place a $500 security deposit on or before arrival at The Courtyards.

Following the cleaning, inspection and inventory of the unit rented and finding no damage(s) or missing inventory the deposit will be returned in full.

Should there be damage(s) or missing inventory the guest will be sent and accounting via email. The cost of maintenance (such as, smoking odors removal), damages(s) or missing inventory the cost will be deducted from the deposit before the balance is returned to the guest.

The owner will be responsible for guest damages if the unit is a direct rental by owner to guest. The owner of that week should check with management before returning any security deposit to ensure they will not be charged for the harm caused by their rental. Upon the owner’s request, management will send the damage(s)/missing report to the owner.

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